Painted Lady

The Painted Lady is a cake created for a lovely lady whose family came from Spain. Her fiance wanted her to have whatever style she wanted for the cake provided that his favourite flavour was included.

She gave us a brief of an unusual cake, perhaps with a nod to her ancestory. The only aspects that were certain were the inclusion of roses, her favourite flowers and pink her theme for the wedding.

We were inspired by the spanish ladies with their black lace and flowers, so we created this black cake. The tiers are both 8” tall, the first being a 10” cake, the second an 8” cake; it is effectively a 4 tier cake

We painted pink roses on the diagonal on both tiers and both sides, then made sugar crafted roses to sit on the board, first tier and then as the topper. This cake was designed to sit on a turntable thus showing off the continious flow of roses running around, from painted into sugarcraft and so on.

  • At dessert size this cake serves 80
  • At the smaller ‘slice’ size 150
  • It took around 70 hours to complete
  • And cost £1100